Employment mediation is a controlled procedure whereby a qualified, experienced and independent mediator facilitates communication between parties who are experiencing an employment relationship problem. The role of the professional mediator is to assist the parties with finding an amicable resolution to a potentially harmful business situation. Mutually agreed solutions can result in improved working relationships and productivity levels; when applicable, the negotiation of an exit package when the parties decide that their relationship cannot continue; or the settlement of a dispute that involved potential litigation.

Employment mediation is becoming increasingly commonplace in the work environment and has established itself as the favoured method to address conflict resolutions. With the economy in recession, there has been an increase in unemployment and in the difficulty of finding alternative employment. As a result, experienced employment mediation consultants are experiencing unprecedented demand for their services. Further, Employment legislation is constantly being developed and amended to the point where has become unrealistic for many businesses to keep abreast of the regulatory requirements governing employment relationships. By encouraging positive and constructive communication channels, employment mediation professionals are able to resolve conflicts while maintaining professional and productive working relationships.

The benefits of utilsing the services of employment mediators are numerous; with the government funding the mediation service, it is inexpensive. Because mediators can enter the process of mediation at any stage of the resolution process, they provide the flexibility to accommodate any organisation’s business model and operational requirements. Compared with traditional Courts, employment mediation provides an extremely cost effective manner of conflict resolution. It empowers the parties to take control of the mediation process and deal with problems “in-house”. Sometimes businesses experience improvement in staff morale and productivity. Basing mediation on mutually beneficial outcomes, professional employment mediation can provide your business with the edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace; where the quality and productivity of employees is often the key difference in providing the competitive edge.

However, not all employment mediation professionals and agencies are created equally. When using private mediators for employment mediation services ensure they have the relevant expertise and experience to deliver the workplace solutions required. Exceptional interpersonal communication and negotiation skills are essential. The ability to empathise with all parties in a constructive and impartial manner, combined with a comprehensive knowledge of employment law distinguish those mediation services that are excellent from those that are average. The time spent finding a reputable mediator will make all the difference.