No one looks forward to being unemployed. Indeed, unemployment results in many hardships and challenges. Fortunately, in the event of unemployment, you can consider filing for unemployment claims. This provides you with temporary wage benefits particularly if you are a qualified person who is out of employment through no fault of yours.

How to file an unemployment claim

· Determine your eligibility

The first step towards this end is to determine your eligibility, to qualify for the benefits. There are certain requirements you need to meet. To qualify you should have lost your job, but with no fault of yours. Furthermore, to qualify you should be looking out for a job and be ready to accept a new opportunity when offered. To collect the benefits, it is important to verify you are available, able and willing to accept work.

o Monetary eligibility requirements

In order to qualify for monetary benefits you must prove having received wages for more than 2 quarters within the base period. In addition, you should have period wages of a minimum of 1-1/2 times of the income in the quarter with the highest earnings. You should also have a minimum of $3,400 total income within the base period.

o Non-monetary eligibility requirements

You stand to qualify for unemployment benefits for having been discharged for many reasons other than misconduct or quitting. Job loss arising from misconduct is considered a controllable or intentional act. It also involves disregarding the employer’s interest. Therefore, the eligibility for compensation is determined when you file for the unemployment claim. If you are not sure whether you will qualify for the benefits you can still go ahead to make your application.

· Choose the method of filing

You need to determine the most effective and convenient way of filing your claims. You can consider filing your claim online when you visit the agency’s website. You can also consider calling the agency during the normal business hours.

· Complete a skills review

In order to receive benefits, it is important to consider completing an initial skills assessment review. The skill assessment review is designed to help measure the skills levels of the applicant. The applicant is expected to report accurately the reasons for leaving their job when filing the claim. The precise reasons will help the applicant avoid fraud. You also need to report any wages that you could be earning. Report your gross income for each week, even if you are paid later. Report your earning from temporary or part-time work, as well.