Recently, the question was asked, are we going too far in our fight against bullying? Our children are encouraged to wear pink on a particular day, to show their support in the fight and they are taught about it at school.

Additionally, when we quit our steady job because the supervisor had made it unbearable for us to continue there, by yelling at us, demanding that we leave the job a bit later than usual and to arrive a bit earlier and always threatening to fire us.

Children are dropping out of school, some of them are killing themselves, and the list goes on. So again, are we going too far?

Well, what is certain is, this method of intimidation have been brought into the forefront and it is no long a matter of children being children on the school grounds. Indeed, it has even been pointed out that adults are also faced with it.

However, in recent times, in addition to the face to face contact of intimidation, it has also crossed over to the Internet and perhaps many if not all of us have heard of it and it is called Cyberbullying.

Since the Internet is the means in which this campaign of hate travels through, the intended victim could be attacked on social networking sites, by emails, through text messages and in every method, in which the Internet travels.

In recent times, a teenager had taken her life after others had hypocritically befriended her and then crushed her and another, after being attacked continually in person and then through a social networking site, committed suicide.


Sticks and stones may break my bones, but word may never hurt me, well, with the words part of this rhyme, it is only true when our children and we as adults are grounded individuals. However, we could do some physical things to help in preventing this from happening.

As difficult as this may be, we need to be very selective as to who we give our email addresses to and of course, this goes for our telephone numbers, both the land line and our cellular. These things are private and, they should not be given out to any and everyone.

Additionally, when it comes to taking and giving photos of ourselves to others, here, we need to be very cautious. With Smart Phones etc. it is quite easy for someone to snap a photo of us and upload it unto a social networking site.

It is okay to say no, if someone ask us to take of photo of us.

Also, being selective as to whom we allow to view our private information on places such as Facebook, MySpace etc., is also important.